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Tire Repair

Learn more about our tire services.

Preventative maintenance is crucial to the life of your vehicle. Visit us for all of your tire alignments, oil changes, and other preventative services. Some of the tire services we offer are:


  • Flat tires fixed

  • Tires rotated

  • Tire pressure checked

  • Tire replacement

  • Tire alignment


Check your vehicle's tire pressure.

One of the vital but often overlooked factors in your car's safety is tire pressure. When your vehicle has appropriate tire pressure, it can help avoid skidding and improve traction on slippery surfaces.


Over time, your tires will loose a little bit of pressure daily. Both extreme heat and cold can also affect tire pressure negatively. Keep your vehicle safe, stop by AAA Tire & Auto and let our experts check your tire pressure today!

Visit us for all of your tire repairs.

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