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Learn the benefits of tire alignment.

  • Increased tire mileage - Properly aligned tires will wear more evenly over time, which will avoid uneven bald spots.

  • Better gas mileage - Tires that are improperly aligned have to work harder to move your car which leads to more gas burning.

  • Reduced wear-and-tear on your car - When your vehicle's tires are properly aligned it will put less pressure on the steering and brake systems.

  • Greater traction -  Tires that are properly aligned have greater traction on slippery surfaces.

Have your wheels balanced by us.

As you drive, your tires rotate. If the mass of your vehicle is distributed unevenly, your tires will wobble around the wheel's axle. When your vehicle is imbalanced, it can put stress on the suspension, brakes, and tires. If you notice your vehicle wobbling or vibrating slightly, bring it to us. We will have your wheels balanced and your vehicle will be driving smoothly in no time.

Get a perfect wheel alignment today!

Make sure your wheels last with help from AAA Tire & Auto.